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P-Locks™ anchoring system, is a patent pending device that was developed to deter theft, as well as, having excellent anchoring capabilities. An average stand alone anchor, aside from being difficult to install without any tools, have minimal theft deterrent properties. A single coil anchor, even with a lock and chain attached can be easily circumvented. In most cases, as simple as lifting and turning the item attached counter clock wise, thus unscrewing the anchor out of the ground.

Our patent pending technology solves this problem. It uses two helix or coil anchors with extended handles, installed about 12 inches apart. This distance prevents second coil from disrupting or weakening the soil around the first coil, this way, both coils have sufficient soil to grip and can not be pulled out easily. The extended handles were not only designed to give you a comfortable grip for a no tool installation, but also, to intersect about 3 inches, thus allowing you to attach a lock or chain/cable of your choice thru both handles. The lock you install will prevent either coil from turning in any direction, resulting in keeping your personal property secure.

When initial design for our P-Locks™ was drafted, every possible factor was taken into account, such as using 3/8 inch cold rolled steel for strength and durability, powder coating to resist corrosion, trimmed entry point for easy installation and even the color RED stands out for high visibility and to tell would be thieves “STOP! My personal property is protected, stay away!” Our Theft Deterrent Anchors resembled the letter “P”, how appropriate, “P”, Protect Personal Property, Provide Piece of mind, Preserve belongings, Portable, etc… henceforth, the name P-Locks™. We believe in our product so much, we had it independently tested by the engineering department at a local University. The results were amazing! Their extensive testing concluded that the maximum pull-out force of a set or pair of P-Locks™ is: 1,700 lb. vertical and 2,900 lb. horizontal.

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